Jan 07

Release of my first Visual Studio Plugin

Hey people,

its near 6 Months ago i developed my Facebook Chat library.
Today i thought about how useful it would be to be able to chat with my contacts on facebook while developing in visual studio.
I have many developers in my Facebook contactlist, so it makes sense to develop a plugin that brings the facebook chat to the visual studio gui.
Before i switched to my browser to have a short talk to anyone, now i can do that without leaving my focus on my work.

I decided to spend this plugin a own page here, just click on the new navigation-item to download or read the how-to/feature list.

If anyone has any suggestions/questions/etc.:
Just leave a comment :)

Jan 04

Creating a TextBox (as InputBox) with extended features

A long time ago i needed a TextBox-Control which has more functionality like the standard control, focused on using the textbox as input for a console-like application.

I decided to write one on my own with the following Features:

  • Dynamic Autocopmpletion
  • A history of last inputs
  • The ability to navigate through the last inputs
  • Clean Event when enter is pressed
  • Acessing the Autocomplete-Feature by pressing escape

How it works:
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Aug 04

Introducing the NuGet Package Manager

For everyone who doesn’t know the IMHO best (free) Visual Studio Plugin ever.

What ist NuGet?

Did you ever do Google research for f.e. a JSON Library or  any other tool/library and wasted time with downloading the sourcecode/assemblies, adding the file to your solution, adding references and doing other things just to use the libary?

With NuGet you could do the same things in a few Seconds.
NuGet will add all Assmblies, references and neccessary entries in config files for you, all with a one-line command, or via the gui of the packagemanager with one click.

Sounds awesome, where can I get it?

You can download it from the Visual Studio Gallery. Just click on ‘Download’ and add it to your copy of Visual Studio.

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Aug 04

[Source] Facebook XMPP Connection Library

A few days ago, I decided to connect the custom chat client I am developing with facebook.
I searched @ google for some sample-code and found something, but it was coded in a very weird codestyle.
So I decided to rewrite it in a (in my opinion) better codestyle.

It’s not that much code, just 99 lines.

Download agsXMPP and Newtonsoft.Json and add these as references.

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Aug 02

[Tutorial] Using ADO.Net Entity Framework ‘Code First’

This is a mini-tutorial for the ADO.Net Entity Framework.

What we will learn this Time?

To create, manipulate and manage database driven data, completely without knowledge about SQL or databases with the help of the ‘code-first’-principle of the Entity Framework.
How this is working on the technical layer is explained in the wikipedia-article I linked above.

What do we need for this Tutorial?

Visual Studio Express/Any other payd version of it
NuGet (to install the Entity Framwork Package)
Knowledge about OOP
Knowledge about Databasestructures (not required but usefull)

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